The Paleo-French connection to a timelessly thin physique.

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In her blockbuster 2005 book, French Women Don't Get Fat, Mireille Guiliano sums up the whole crux of her book in one simple statement:

“French women don’t get fat because they have not allowed new attitudes and modern theories of how the body uses food to over-rule centuries of experience.” (Page 251)

The “centuries of experience” began with the Paleolithic Era, also referred toas the Stone Age, approximately 2.5 million years ago. Although the Paleolithic Era ended approximately10,000 years ago and our living conditions and environments have changed tremendously since then, our bodies, not so much. Those prehistoric origins are always with us, as our bodies have definitely not evolved in pace with our society, or our ever increasing new innovations in the processed food arenas.  

Today’s modern French women still dance in harmony with our biological, prehistoric rhythms, not out of step to their beats. They continue to primarily behave in accord with, as opposed to in resistance of, the ways humans are intended to eat, move, relate to food, and connect with activity. In terms of weight loss and weight management, the results are conclusive: when you get in agreement with nature, you lose weight easily, keep weight off without a struggle for a lifetime, abandon all the miserly theatrics associated with grueling exercise regimes, and forgo all formerly intense melodramatic extremes with food.

Most women are instantaneously repelled by the topic of the caveman culture. Crude, unrefined, unsophisticated, brutal, arduous, toilsome, grueling, oppressive, and servile are images conjured up when you mention the Paleolithic Era, or Stone Age, to a modern female.

Doing the “right” things the hardest way possible is what the Paleo sphere represented to me at first glances too...

However, after much research, I discovered a fundamental truth. Today’s impossibly chic, impossibly thin, iconic, French females - applauded for their modern elegance, contemporary refinement, and perennially on the cutting-edge of sophistication - have always been disciples and enthusiasts of the Paleo lifestyle.

I was inspired to create this site for women like me who, resistant to anything related to the prehistoric Paleo/primal/caveman ideologies, turned-off and tuned-out by the masculine dominant undertones and primitive, uncivilized hardships of the Stone Age ethos.

Quite contrary to my pre-conceived notions and uninformed assumptions, this is a regime of weight maintenance that requires far less effort than the life I had been living. It is not just the drama free Paleo diet I thoroughly enjoy, it is also the ease of weight management and health benefits to be derived from the prehistoric lifestyle.

The mission of PaleoParisian is to ascribe an utterly irresistible, perpetually captivating, modern world, female persona to the Paleo movement: the elegant visage of today’s iconic French women. Dispelling the myths that the French brand of thin and chic is elusive, effortless, or impossible, when in truth it is the result of decisive adherence to all-natural Paleo customs.

Ultimately I encourage reticent women to be receptive to the potential for Paleo principles to thoroughly transform their bodies, alleviate their weight loss struggles, eradicate weight maintenance failures, and resolve an array of health crisis.

The results to be realized: effortless weight loss, struggle-free lifelong weight maintenance, and optimal health. No more incessant dietary math calculations, chronic deprivation, copious amounts of time-consuming high-intensity exercise, or volatile relationship with food and activity. 

Does this appeal to you too?

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